Can't upload profile pictures: File type not accepted

Now i cant upload an Profil picture. It is an JPG-File, but Kirby says: Es sind nur JPG, PNG und GIF Dateien erlaubt.

Has it worked before? This looks like your server can’t detect the MIME type of the file.

I had - about - the same issue, where my server didn’t detect the MIME type of the images.

In my cPanel (or manually, your php.config) I had to activate / un-comment the FileInfo Extension.

However, it had already worked in a previous version. But I can not say for sure if I had that may not be running on my server or XAMPP.

However, I can upload images to my Kirby pages with XAMPP without problems. So it should probably not be a problem with the MIME type?

I have also enabled in the php.ini in XAMPP. Thereafter, the server restarts. But no change.

Can you upload a .PNG image? In stead of .JPG?

Maybe it is .JPG-specific related… something like the difference between .JPG / .JPEG and .JPG2000

Your error-message is different than mine, it’s more extension-specific…

No, the same error by .PNG image.

There will be an update of the MIME-detection of Kirby in the next release.

May be this will solve your problem; let’s hope so!

Sorry for digging up this old post, but this problem still seems to exist in Kirby 2.2.3. I have no trouble uploading images (and literally the EXACT same image that I’ve tried uploading as an avatar) to a project or blog article, but for some reason, the profile picture uploader refuses to let me upload anything. Any thoughts on this?

I’m currently running on WAMP (all updated Apache and PHP versions, though I’ve had this problem in the past).

Have you tried the development version from the develop branch on GitHub?

I currently have the 2.2.3 starterkit installed (clean installation), but I just pulled down the develop branch and it seems the problem is still there.

EDIT: When I downloaded the develop branch, I copied all of the containing files over to my current install, therefore overwriting everything from the 2.2.3 master. Not sure if this would make a difference, though I wouldn’t think so.

Hello there

i am trying to upload profile pictures to the user, too but i am running in the error (screenshot).
Imagefile format is png and / or jpg. Same error…


Edit: It’s working local with MAMP, but not on Uberspace online.

Maybe the file size is too big for your PHP settings? Check your php.ini settings.