Problems with caching

I hope it’s ok to post here because i have a feeling it isn’t really a Kirby problem but i am out of ideas.

Whenever i change any files I can’t see any changes for 10-15 page refreshes, maybe more.

I’ve tried disabling cache in mulitple browsers, MAMP, Codekit and I even decided to change back to my old laptop because I didn’t have problems on there before and i’m still have issues.

I didn’t used to have problems previously so it feels like they’ve come out of nowhere.

I have a tight deadline and am unable to work because of this issue - i don’t know what to try next. I would really appreciate any insight anyone might have, thank you!

MAMP has a cache setting under Languages → PHP. Make sure that “Cache module to speed up execution” is set to Off.

Thank you so much. It looks like i had missed that option!