Pages being cached even with cache disabled

I’m running Kirby 2.3.2 and have caching turned off, but pages still being cached. In order to see changes to made templates, I need to suffix the URL with something like “?nnn” in order for the changes to appear.

The cache settings in config.php are the defaults:

c::set('cache', false);
c::set('cache.autoupdate', true);
c::set('', true);
c::set('cache.html', true);
c::set('cache.ignore', array());

Could this be a separate server caching issue?

Wait a minute, it seems that I still have the original config.php file from my previous Kirby 2.0 installation. It appears that the config.php file for 2.3.2 doesn’t include any of the settings for caching (and other stuff).

Could this be the problem?

Have you cleared the cache folder?

There is nothing in the cache folder to clear, since caching was already off.

If you have some server side caching enabled, that can be the reason, yes.

It’s got to be something on the server, as it automatically clears itself up after some period of time. The only thing I’d like to determine if it was something triggered by updating Kircby for 2.0.x to 2.3.2 or related to a change on my hosting service (Bluehost).

I don’t think this is a Kirby related issue, maybe related to Varnish?

I’m on a shared server, so there’s no user-accessible configuration for Varnish or any other caching system. I’ve opened a support ticket with Bluehost to see if I can get some additional information about what they‘re actually doing.

If you don’t manage to find the issue, would you mind sending me access to the server? It seems really weird and I’d love to make sure that it is really not Kirby related:

Will do. I’m expecting to hear back from Bluehost this morning. If this particular site wasn’t hosted on a virtual server, I’d have far more granular control of the server settings.

Bluehost confirmed that they are not implementing any sort of caching (PHP or otherwise) on their shared servers.

Bastian, I’ll email you a follow up to your offer to help suss this out.


@splorp, have you resolved the issue?

Grant already wrote me and I tried fixing it on the server. Unfortunately it really seems to be some kind of PHP cache from the hosting provider.

Would having a peek at the php.ini file from the public_html directory help?

The ftp access I gave you was just for the subdirectory of the one site.

I could give it a try, yes.

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Ok, I’ll email it to you.

If you need deeper access to the server, let me know.

Just a quick follow up on this issue …

It definitely wasn’t anything to do with Kirby. It was something on my hosting provider’s side of things.

Oddly enough, after Bastian kindly took a look at things … the issue seems to have completely disappeared. Everything (templates, snippets, content, &c.) refreshes immediately when hitting a page.

Go figure.

So this is solved but we don’t know why?


I have received no additional information or follow up from Bluehost regarding my support ticket. All of a sudden, things are no longer being cached … on either of my Kirby sites.

It’s so weird.