No changes are taken over

Hello everyone,
I am having a weird problem. I worked on my project as usual but then for any reasons no changes are getting adopted. Neither simple plain text changes. I know that’s not much information, but maybe someone had the same problem and could help me.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Could you please provide more information?

  • Are we talking about content changes or changes to the code?

  • Is this happening locally or on a remove server?

  • How are you making content changes? Via the Panel or by editing content files directly?

  • Is caching enabled in your config?

Thanks for your quick reply…

  • I’m making changes to the code.

  • Changes in the CSS or PHP files are getting ignored.

  • Changes in the panel are working.

  • And I am working locally.

  • Caching is disabled

What is your local setup?

I am using MAMP, Codekit and Visual Studio Code

Have you enabled Opcache in Mamp maybe?

CSS files: have you cleared the browser cache?

Yes, I also cleared my browser cache. Cache in MAMP seems to be enabled:


Then I would disable it.

Are you making your changes in the right project?

ooh, I think its working now :slight_smile: … Thank you very much !!