Endless Browser Sync loop with Panel edits on Codekit

Hi everyone,

this is rather a special question for people using Codekit + MAMP for local development:
When I do content edits in the panel or update any blueprint YML my browser runs into an almost endless browser-sync-refresh loopupdate (the local pages refreshe again and again).

I checked my Codekit logs and noticed that the .lock and .session files could have been the reason. But even when I add them to the Codekit ignorelist the problem persists.

Has anyone experienced the same issue? Maybe even in a different local set-up but still using browser-sync-tools?

Any help appreciated,

I’d love to hear any suggestions, as this is my environment, too. Only after spending lots of time trying to use VS Code’s live server plugin which certainly didn’t work, exactly as you state. Then, somehow, after using Mamp together with CodeKit for compiling, and VSCode to edit, it finally clicked, but it’s not perfect. I’ve been using VSCode to compile my SCSS, but then I switched and had CodeKit do it instead, which seems to help.
For me, I had to sync up the settings in CodeKit to match Mamp (using mamp pro, but it’s not needed after all the testing I’ve done). It’s not 100% there for me. It took a lot of trial and error. I wish I could help more, but you and I are nearly in the same camp.

Yes, I can reproduce this as well, even though I’m using Valet but the effect is the same. If you don’t need browser refresh while working in the Panel, you could try and ignore the content folder in Codekit (looks like you can’t use wildcards to ignore any .lock file?):

Thanks for your feedback.
Glad to hear I am not alone and this is not related to Codekit exclusively.

I can wildcard the .lockfiles with Codekit but this does not help. Ignoring the .session files and media folder has not improved the situation either.

For now I work the way you suggested: pausing the browser refresh in Codekit when working in the panel.
Do you have any ideas where this could be coming from? Kirby router? Or some Vue-Components in the panel?
Anything I could do to help tracking this down?

HI: I have a few sites using CraftCMS, but I’m hoping to move them to Kirby, and I’ve been playing with KIrby for the last few days. My setup is MAMP Pro plus CodeKit, and I encountered the exact same continuous browser reloading with KIrby. I emailed CodeKit’s developer, who is usually very fast and helpful with problems. His suggestions didn’t work, and I’ve been too busy to follow this up. I hope you can find a solution!

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Hmm, although your last answer vanished from this thread, it seems to solve the issue for me!
Adding htese lines to the config.php helped (but I have not tested it thoroughly):
'content' => [ 'locking' => false ]

It didn’t actually solve it for me, that’s why I removed my answer.

Bump. Revisiting this idea of moving back to codekit from valet…


There is a free trial for Codekit — so you could the setup
I have modified the config as texnixe suggested and so far this solved my issues.

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I think this came up in the Kirby 2 days. My solution is to simply use the non-codekit url to access the panel.

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Yeah, it’s a great app. Love it.
I think this would require a frequent toggle of the file watcher when going from “edit the content” vs “edit the templates” and will require vigilance to avoid frustration with the auto reload feature. Hot keys ftw. I’ll report back.