Previous/next item navigation in the Panel: default behavior isn't real intuitive

Kirby newbie here. I have a page with sub-pages using two different templates. Everything was working fine except that the panel next/previous navigation between the sub-pages only connected sub-pages of the same blueprint. (Essentially I had two sets of siblings, as far as next/prev was concerned.) I combed through my YAML all evening, even learning to install a YAML validator in VS Code and configure it with kirby3-schema to try to find some sneaky formatting error.

I did finally discover in the Page blueprint reference that I needed to specify broader behavior, which fixed my issue:

- status: all
- template: all

I guess I’m a little surprised that the defaults are not “all.” I’d expect to need to look up a solution to lock things down in a specific way – not to open up what seemed like puzzling, restricted behavior.

Just a thought. Overall, loving the Kirby experience!

The feature to set the navigation like that was only introduced quite recently. So the feature was implemented in a way not to break previous behavior. Must admit that I’d prefer it the other way round as well…, maybe create a feature request on Nolt?


Thanks, @texnixe - I’ve added Change default panel next/previous navigation to "all" · Kirby Feedback

Yes, definitely for that reason.