Panel pages next and previous buttons - based on sort?

I have a date ordered pages section in the panel. When I am on a sub page, the panel next and previous page links do not respect the date sorted order - is there anyway to fix this?

No, the sort order in a section is not respected by the prev-next navigation. Given that you can have multiple sections with the same pages set all sorted differently, that wouldn’t even make much sense.

ah true, it just a bit confusing for the client as they are going through form feedback in date order - perhaps I will just hide with panel css

I’ve never been really happy with the way these prev/next buttons work. They should really be customizable.

as this is an issue I also have. I reply to this just to understand it right.
My case:
I have unlisted Subpages. The subpages get ‘sortBy’ the date which is written in the specific txt file.
what i thougt was to add a navigation at the end of my subage to easily go to the next or previous subpage. But this is with next() / prev() not possible?

Yes, this is possible now without custom code.

The hasNext(), next(), nextListed(), hasPrev(), prev()` etc methods now all accept the collection as a parameter, so you can pass sorted or filtered collections to the method and it will all work as expected.

Thank you! It works very well!