Preview settings with Kirby Builder Plugin


I am currently building a site using the amazing Builder plugin by @timoetting (Thanks for building it btw :wink: It’s such an amazing tool).

But as I have quite a lot snippets with many fields now, I tried to get rid of the preview in the panel (e.g. background or text colors, images and so on). But I don’t know if this is even possible as it seems the builder for the panel is just calling the snippets with it’s own css again?

Any ideas if this is even possible?

Thanks in advance

You can have different snippets for the Panel and for your frontend. You can also apply custom styles to those snippets, either inline or through a custom panel stylesheet.

Jep, that’s the only thing I could think of as well.
Just thought there might be an option to turn that off, but that would of course be very luxury…

Thanks for the prompt reply.

You mean to not use any snippets at all and. just display. the content like in a standard. structure field? That’s also possible.

Yes that’s what I meant, just showing the plain content as usual for standard kirby fields.
How would I do that?

Guess you just have to remove the snippet option, but according to the readme you can also use the standard entry option

 entry: >
 		      <img src="{{_fileUrl}}{{picture}}" height=120px/></br>

hmmm… I did not even have this included…

this is how it looks like in my panel:

isn’t this how it is meant to look like?

so on the part above you can see an image i added with green background color.
the same goes for the section below, here i have four parts, everyone has a background color applied via css.

If I remove all snippets from the blueprint, I get just normal text without any. styling.

oh that’s it.
I thought they are for identifying the related snippet.

thanks a lot for the quick help. really appreciated.