Let users choose snippets in panel

Dear Kirby-Forum!

I am currently building my (second) real kirby-site for a client where I have different sections (= linkblocks) at the end of each page. As they should vary from page to page is it possible to let the client choose which linkblock s/he wants to display? So maybe there is a pool of 10 linkblocks s/he can choose from in the panel?
(While the linkblocks should be editable in a separate place)

Thanks in advance for your help.

If these blocks are pages, I’d recommend the relatationship plugin for this purpose. If those snippets are modules created with the modules plugin, you might opt for the Kirby-sortable plugin.

If you want to actually choose snippets, maybe use a structure field or the multi-select plugin. The advantage of the structure field is that the items can be sorted manually.


Thanks for the quick reply. Works like a charm.