<k-pages-field> Title of the pages linked

Hi there

i am confused and would be happy for some help.

i try to get a panel view inside my block plugin with the . I get the list of all elements linked but not the title of these elements. i am pretty new to vue an not sure how to get these titles.

My panel block looks like this:

i just wanna have the title of the linked pages.

thank you very much for helping.

Please post your block blueprint and your JavaScript

my current state

name: field.blocks.expertslist.name
icon: accounts
    type: multiselect
    label: Experten
    layout: list
      type: query
      query: collection('team')
  margins: fields/settings/margins
<template v-slot:default="data">
    <k-pages-field label="Experten" :value="content.experts" required="true" />

content.experts only contains the ids of the selected pages, not 100% sure what’s expected here, never used a pages field in a preview. In Kirby 4, you will be able to use the fields preview to accomplish this without creating a separate preview (at least if you use a pages field as input instead of a multiselect).

As far as I remember, there is a plugin that creates these preview forms, I’ll try to find it.

thank you… yes i know i only have the page id’s. I thought it will be a good thing to show them like this but maybe there is a better solution. I’am open for ideas

@texnixe i found a better way to list the pages!


this looks as expected. A nice list of names with the ability to add and remove.

thank you for give me that idea.