Sort snippets inside panel

Hello folks,

i got another question today. SRY!
I use in my homepage 4 different sections for my content. (Testimonials, Services etc.)

Now i want to sort these snippets over the panel. The best thing would be by “drag and drop” these snippets like i do which subpages or if i use the snippetfield plugin. I couldnt figure out a way yet.
Has someone done the same before?

Thank you so much!

How are the section stored? As subpages, modules, structure entries?

They are stored as structure entries

Structure entries are sortable via drag and drop.

ok then i descriped it the wrong way. I use different structures for every section.

For example i use for my services follwing blueprint:

       label: Services
        type: snippetfield
        style: table
            label: Title
            type:  text
            width: 1/2
            required: true
            label: Description
            type: textarea
            required: true
            label: URL
            type:  url
            width: 1/2
            help: Button url
            required: true
            label: NEW Label
            type: switch
              - shown
              - hidden
            width: 1/2
            help: Adds a Label

And the snippetfield for another section looks different cause i have to user other fields.

I see. Maybe you can use the Kirby Sortable plugin, I’m not sure. Another option would be to an additional structure field with a select for each snippet.

Ok that was also my idea to add an additional snippetfield.
But i couldnt figure out how i can use that cause i call my snippets like normal in my home.php

<?php snippet('home/services') ?>

so how can i connect my snippets to that additional snippetfield.
Hope u understand it… im very bad in describing.

Structure field

  label: Snippets
  type: structure
      label: Select a snippet
      type: select
        services: services
        testimonials: testimonials
        whatever: whatever

In your home template:


$snippets = $page->snippets()->structure():

foreach($snippets as snippet) {
  snippet('home/' . $snippet->select_snippet());

That helped me a lot :star_struck:
Thanks a lot it worked!