Poll: Should we move blog comments to Discourse as well?

Discourse can be integrated into blog posts in a similar way as Disqus for comments. There have been a couple suggestions to move all comments for the Kirby blog to Discourse as well, but this would mean to leave all the Disqus comments behind and start from scratch. This would focus even more on the new Kirby Discourse community. You could use the same accounts for the forum and the comments and every questions and comments would be gathered here. But on the other hand all the old comments on old articles would be lost. I’m not 100% decided yet. What do you think?

Should we move blog comments to Discourse as well?

  • Yes
  • No

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It makes total sense to move the blog comments to Discourse. It keeps the discussion in one place and will make more users aware of the forum, so I voted Yes. But: maybe someone should go through all old blog posts to check if the comments contain questions, discussions and solutions that are worth saving - I believe there is quite a number of those. Maybe those comments could then be appended to the blog posts as static text so that no vital content is lost.

I guess it would be possible to disable comments in the Disqus config, and from then on:

  • Load Discourse comments for new posts (read/write)
  • Load Disqus comments for older posts (read-only)

That’s a great idea! I will give that a try.

I agree whole-heartedly.

The old forum and the old blogs with its comments are very important to me, if I cannot understand the actual docs. Sometimes the are very short and have no surroundings.

Sometimes it would be nice in the actual docs to see the output (html), a visitor would see. To use the default content of Kirby to build these examples would be excellent.