Migrate old Wordpress Disqus comments to Kirby


I move all Blogposts from Wordpress to Kirby. Under Wordpress i used a Disqus-Plugin. All Comments are on Disqus.

The URL for each Posts are the same, old and new - but if i insert the Disqus-Universal Code (the disqus-plugin dont work), i don’t have any comments.

What do i wrong? is it a identifier-problem?

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You need to make sure that the Disqus post identifier is the same, so please compare the old format with the new one and make sure to adapt the format to your old one to keep old discussions.

old identifier on wordpress was the page id. i think i can’t use the same automaticaly in kirby. now i try the migration-tool from disqus. would be a pity if i lose all the comments.

What you could do is to store the WordPress page ID in a field and use that if defined. If not defined, that means it’s a new post and you can use the URI of the page.

found a simple methode. with the url mapper from the migration-tools i merge both identifiers from wordpress and kirby and get the comments back!