Pointless UI feelings

Anyone miss the good 'ol v2 interface? v2 seemed sturdy, full-bodied, it had buttons with a presence. With respect, v3 seems stretched, stringy, with less then ample padding and less prominent type. I don’t know. Maybe I simply miss those 2px borders on the fields, generous padding, and that tidy source sans font. UI design is hard. v3 has a lot of cases to cover and it’s done a wonderful job. I just wanted to share my feelings and see if anyone else didn’t quite fall in love with the v3 UI coming from v2.

I also wonder what these upcoming “UI refresh” in 3.4.0 will focus on. Hmmmm.

Nope! :hugs:


Nope, me neither… but the good news is you can get close to it with the columns and sections if you wanted to replicate that layout in your blueprints.

And you can put 2px borders around your inputs and use any font you want and customize the Panel however you like, anyway. And remove the background color from the bottom bar in favor of two button pills… /assets/css/nostalgic-panel.css :wink:

Yeah… I shouldn’t live in the past though. Gotta just roll with it.

Where can I get a pair of bell bottoms. I miss those pants. Am I alone in this?

Just found these two examples of customized interfaces on https://kirbysites.com

So, say good-bye to bell bottoms. But hey, maybe they’ll be back one day…