Too much freedom!

Howdy, v3 gives you so much freedom on how to layout your editing experience I’m completely overwhelmed. I find myself spinning my wheels, staring at these now much more complex blueprints. I’m interested in hearing about how you folks have changed the way you layout your pages now that there is so much freedom. Is it now popular to create a central hub for all files (instead of page-level files). How have the tabs been used? Maybe a tab for content, SEO, and subpages? Just looking to perhaps pick up some ideas. And this is all regarding typical smallish websites. I understand it really depends on the content, but consider your general site.

Do you know this great resource:

It has lots of Panel layout examples to give you some ideas.

Apart from that, reusing tabs (e.g. SEO), field groups etc. across multiple blueprints and better still across multiple projects greatly helps with reducing complexity.

And we are all looking forward to the blueprint generator, but that might still take a while.

I break eveything down into tabs i plug in and out. I dont make a page blue print for every page, only the unique ones. You might have a site with 40 pages on it but only 4 unique layouts - reuse them! dont copy it for each page. Think conceptually rather than actually - its not an “about” page, its a “right sidebar” page.

Make good use the ability to share fields so you dont have write the same stuff.

A typical page blueprint for me looks like this…

title:     Product


  content: tabs/product

  files:   tabs/files

You can see a working example of this here on my own PlainKit…

Interesting resource. Thanks @texnixe

@jimbobrjames, Yeah… no doubt reusing bits and pieces is the way to go.

Overall what I need to do is make my own v3 plainkit. I had one for v2 and I was blitzing through builds. I’ll get there. It’s just a bit more overwhelming now with so much freedom.


Yes, flexibility definitely has its price. But once you have created your module library, I’m pretty confident you will start loving it.