Podcast Plugin / after 5th Episode don't show in overview



I use this Podcast Plugin https://github.com/mauricerenck/kirby-podcast/
since 6th Episodes until one year. Now I want publish a new episode like the last 5 folders. and now I have the problem, that I can run the direct link to the episode and the mp3 with all features are visible. no problems.

but the folder isn’t visible on the overview episode site with this code:

$episoden = page('episoden')->children()->visible()->flip()->filterBy('date', '<=', time());
<div class="row episoden--teaser-container">
<?php foreach($episoden as $episode): ?>

<div class="col-sm-4 episode--teaser-item">
    <a href="<?= $episode->url() ?>" class="episode-link">
      <?php if($image = $episode->images()->sortBy('sort', 'asc')->first()): $thumb = $image->crop(700,356); ?>
        <div class="layer-picture treppenfilter"></div>
        <img src="<?= $thumb->url() ?>" alt="<?= $episode->title()->html() ?>" class="episode-image" />
      <?php endif ?>
      <div class="episode-caption">
        <h3 class="episode-title"><?= $episode->podtitle()->html() ?></h3>
        <div class="caption-text"><?= $episode->poddescr()->kirbytext() ?></div>

 <?php endforeach ?>

I haven’t no idea. there is no limit of 5 subpages or stuff.
I need a hint from one who also use this plugin.


If I understand correctly, this isn’t really a problem with the plugin. It sounds like you just need to set the 6th episode to visible status in the panel.

The visible / invisible status does not hide it the page from being accessed in the browser, its just a hook for filtering. You can reach it if you know the exact URL to the page.

If you want to create articles ahead of time but not publish until a future date, I would suggest making use of the Scheduled plugin. All you have done in the code above is filtered on the date being less then the current time. The pages are still accessable outside of this.

Alternatively you could probably use a route to bounce an episode to the parent page if the time in the date field is not in the past.


thanks for your idea the subpage has to be the visible status. but yeah its visible, thats not the issue.

i have not a idea what the problem can be.


You filter by date and visible, so if it’s not the visibility status, then maybe a date in the future?

Another reason for the page not showing up could be if you use Kirby’s cache and didn’t clear it. While the cache is automatically cleared if you create or update pages via the Panel, this is not the case if you create your pages manually.


i have now updated to 2.5.12 – but I have no difference. I have to install a complete new. and try with fake content up to 6-7 folders. nice new years eve.


oh yeah! it’s hard to say. the error was due to the formatting of the date. 23.12.18 instead of 23.12.2018
now its working very fine.