Podcast Plugin optimize with Podlove Webplayer

I have enabled the Podcast Plugin. It works fantastic. Now it can be a bit more nicer with the Podlove Webplayer. Its a Plugin for Wordpress. It is there a way to use it? A Amateur in Programming asking :slight_smile:

You can’t use a Wordpress plugin with Kirby. There seems to be an independent web player of that name, though: https://podlove.org/podlove-web-player/

Im working on something at the moment using the open source Podigee Player from Podigee. Pretty easy to setup.

I think you are referring to this plugin which uses a plain HTML5 audio player to actually play the audio. This is done in a snippet. I think if you tweak this snippet, you should be able to easily integrate the podlove or podigee players, and have this plugin populate the data.

Thanks for pointing me at this plugin, i was struggling to come up with a way to make the RSS feed for iTunes, and it looks like this just solved it.

Yes that is correct. The Project Podlove looks very good, but is unfortunately only developed for Wordpress. However, the subscribe button is quite usable. So I thought the player might also be something for Kirby usable.

My question was to find out if there are any advanced webplayers that could be used to do more than just the timeline and volume.

yes, this plugin its solves the delivery very nice. and yes the snippet i found. but my skills are smaller that they coud be :frowning: so i looked for podigee. Thanks.

Podlove Web Player is a Podcast-optimized, HTML5-based video and audio player. It can be used as a WordPress plugin or within a static HTML/JavaScript context.

If it can be used in a static HTML page, it can be used with Kirby as well.