Podcaster Plugin - How to create episodes and episode pages

@mauricehh I’ve got the plugin it running and working and succesfully created the feed.
Now I’m stuck with how to create the episode pages for the podcast episodes and showing them including the podcasterplayer

You are using the starterkit, right? I will write down a step by step guide.

Thank you, that would be awesome!

Have a look here, hope this will help: https://github.com/mauricerenck/kirby-podcaster/blob/master/docs/kirby-podcaster-starterkit.md

(note that the wizard and stats currently throw error messages when you use kirby 3.3, I am working on that)

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@mauricehh wow that’s great, I will follow these elaborate instructions and will let you know the end result. If there are findings I will surely share them here. But may I first applaud your big effort in writing this tutorial down, it looks very thorough!:ok_hand:

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@mauricehh It works like a charm, the only thing remaining is the fact that the podlover audioplayer doesn’t work, the HTML5 audio does work though. I checked composer with the update to see if my dependencies are properly loaded.

I get this error when I have podlover configured

I see, that looks like a code smell. We should move this discussion to the github repo and create an issue there.

Ok I’ll do that!