Created a Podcast Plugin


I am currently working on a podcast I want to run. Because I wanted to use Kirby for the site, I started writing a Podcasting-Plugin.

Currently this plugin offers an extended RSS-feed including all fields you need, to get your Podcast to the iTunes-Directory. It scans for MP3-Files and parses their duration and size. I am thinking about more features, like implementing the Podlove-Player.

Have a look:



I created something similar recently :smile:

I had a slightly different approach. Each blogpost with a podcast template would be added to the feed. Audio files that are attached to the post will be added automatically.

If you want to add the audio length to a feed, you may use this in the xml tag:

<enclosure url="<?php echo $item->audio()->first()->url() ?>" length="<?php echo $item->audio()->first()->size() ?>" type="<?php echo $item->audio()->first()->mime() ?>" />

worked for me. :wink:

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Moin Andi,

ah, I didn’t realize that there are functions like size() for audio, too! Thanks for that hint :smiley: Maybe I can get rid of the getID3-Lib that way.

I’ll watch your plugin on GitHub. Maybe we can exchange some ideas from time to time.

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