Plugin idea to import an Instagram Archive into Kirby

Unfortunately this is outside of my skill set, but maybe I can inspire some skilled plugin coder to write such a thing:

Recently for Mac got a feature to import an exported Instagram Archive into a blog. Please see Manton’s writeup here:

For those who don’t know, you can now export all photos, comments, profile information and more from Instagram:

It would be nice to have something similar for Kirby, where I can point a future Kirby plugin to the Instagram export directory and it crunches through all photos while maintaining the captions etc.

I know not everybody is as sensible as I am to the latest brouhaha at Facebook & Co., but I think the little bit more self-control about your photos on a Kirby website would make the world a better place.

Looks like what you get is a media.json file so it shouldn’t be a big thing to import it into Kirby. I have never had an Instagram account, so I can’t have a look.