Current running Instagram Plugin

Hello there

is there currently a running Instagram Plugin out there?
I am used this here:

But my response is empty.
As the plugin is now 6 years old, maybe there is something out there that is running better?

Thank you

Instagram changed something in their API and lots of plugins don’t work anymore. Not just Kirby plugins, also most Javascript solutions.
I noticed this when I wanted to display the latest 10 images by tag on this client project.

The only one that worked for me was this PHP solution:
With a very simple plugin I registered a route that gets used for a cron job. I then get the posts from the json file via Javascript. Maybe this helps you getting started?

      'pattern' => 'api/checkInstagram', 
      'action'  => function() {
        $cacheFile = __DIR__ . "/assets/instagram.json";
        $instagram = \InstagramScraper\Instagram::withCredentials('user', 'password');
        $medias = $instagram->getMediasByTag('koenigskanzel', 10);
        $array = array();
        foreach ($medias as $media) {          
          array_push($array, array(
        $json = json_encode($array);
        $fh = fopen($cacheFile, 'w');
        fwrite($fh, $json);

Hey @thguenther
thank you for you reply. So that seems to be my solution.
I will get for that and will let you know on here if i am possible to get our instagram Feed running.

Thank you so far!


I did not find any good solution when I needed it for but works ok for free as long as you don’t click on the images.

@thguenther solution is probably better, if it works.

I need to click the Images :wink:

Then snapwidget may be a bit spammy. It has tons of ads around the image in the free plan.

I will try the other solution in a bit, i am stuck here with subdomains on Uberspace.

@thguenther MANY MANY thanks! It’s up and running!

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