Performance for subpages and files

I could find a couple of things on Kirby’s performance in the forum. Too many subpages is not a good idea. But I couldn’t find anything on the amount of files a page can have. Are too many files for a page a bottleneck? And does the size of the original files matter for directory reading performance? Let’s say an unoptimized image is uploaded and weighs in 1.5MB, does that impact performance compared to an optimized 350kb version for instance.

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Yes, same as with subpages. Having many files distributed over many pages is fine though.

I have not tested this, but I don’t think it will. It will only matter if you create thumbs for example.

Defines “too many” - I mean… how many is “too many” ?

I have a heavy homepage (heavy, due to complex codes / slider / effects) and it has about 20 images.

Personally, I think that is “too many” (no body wants to download a homepage, containing 20 images) - but is it really that much?

Or is “too many” 100+, or 1000+ assets?

Thanks. My question mainly arose from testing with the new panel 2.2 compared to the old one. For instance if I have a page with over 100 files adding a new image in panel version 2.1.1 works fine but in panel 2.2 you literally see the spinner for 30 seconds (on localhost). This made me wonder about a performance limit for files in the panel (on the front-end I divide them over multiple loads anyway).

It is much if you embed all of these images at the same time (as you wrote: much to download), but it isn’t too much for Kirby. I don’t have an exact figure, but I think the “maximum” number of files per page starts at about 100, also depending on your server and your server’s I/O (hard drive) performance.

Hm, that shouldn’t be. Thanks for posting an issue on GitHub. If anyone else has a similar problem, feel free to comment on this over on GitHub.

Perfect, that is a number I can deal with!

Please keep in mind that this figure is a rough estimate. It also depends on your site and your template code. If you worry about using many files in your project, please just try it out and check whether the performance is good enough for you. You can try out Kirby for free before you buy a license.