About to start a new Kirby Project - First one

Hi There,

New to the community and kirby. Working on my first Kirby project with lots of questions coming from the Content modelling thats taking place.

Looking for insight, guidance and some knowledge share…

Client has a 2,000 page site which they are migrating to Kirby.
Creating apx 500 new pages per year
Site will have 6 european domains
Apx 40-50 product pages, the rest are articles, content, blogs, service pages etc…
Flat structure, i.e. no sub pages for SEO reasons - so internal linking v.important.
High level of tagging and relationships between items
Client would like to have the ability to place different renderings onto templates, i.e. create variants of a carousel and choose the version they want from within the template
5-6 Content managers plus potential for agency staff to use the site

Main areas of concern I’m looking for some guidance:

  1. Performance - How well would Kirby handle this quantity of pages, also considering the:
    1. Dashboard
    2. Search
    3. Dynamic Related content modules for example
  2. Dashboard - Any advice of plugins to provide a better experience, lots of pages to manage
  3. Also anyone advice or experience on the ability to create modules or components, then on the page template chose the module or component you want to add?

Thanks for reading and hope for some sage advice :wink:

Hi @sigsoldboy,

welcome to Kirby and the Kirby community :slight_smile:.

I don’t have experience with large Kirby sites, but here are a few posts re. performance questions:

As regards modules, check out the modules plugin in combination with the modules field.

Hi @texnixe

Thanks for the quick response and the suggested forum topics. I’ve read those and wanted to understand further this comment [quote=“texnixe, post:2, topic:5155”]
Other than that Kirby can handle A LOT of content if it’s structured more tree-ish.

In this situation the 2000 pages will be contained in 2000 folders, no tree. In addition each folder will contain potentially 6 language variants…assuming that is no problem for Kirby

Will look into the modules plugin and the modules field…

Still wondering about the dashboard however with that amount of pages for the Content Editors to manage…

A tree in this context means that the 2000 pages are not in the same directory. For example if they are 2000 blog posts, splitting them up into subdirectories for each year may result in 10 years with 200 blog posts each, which is a lot better to handle for Kirby than 2000 pages in the same directory.

Great, although I need to keep a a flat URL structure. Do sub-directories alter the URL?

Yes, they do. You can however use routing (but the other way around) to redirect the old URLs to the new ones. That only really makes sense for blogs and other collections of content where subdirectory names can be defined based on the content. Arbitrary subdirectories are not going to work (and don’t make sense semantically either).