Concerns about using kirby for a medium size website that will grow over time

Hello good people from planet Kirby,

I’m considering using your neat CMS for the implementation of a medium size website. I estimate about 30 pages and a blog which will grow to hundreds of pages over time. There is also the possibility of having ecommerce in the future, so let’s add about 30 product pages.

I am concerned about Kirby’s performance when handing hundreds of pages and about Kirby’s usability when the user needs to handle more and more pages in the panel over time.

I would like your help to understand if my concerns are justified or not. What experiences do you have when using Kirby for bigger sites? What should I be concerned about? Are there known issues when using Kirby in this scenario? Does Kirby adjust nicely to website growth over time? Would you use Kirby in this scenario or would you prefer anything else?

Many thanks

Maybe these will help?

My experience shows that there are absolutely no problems at a site like this, neither performance wise nor for the user. Just make sure to have a good content strategy, as @bastianallgeier describes here: Server response time (@jenstornell already linked this, but twice doesn’t hurt).

Thank you for your answers so far.
Anyone else with war stories to share, please chime in.

You can have a look at my use cases:
Still using Kirby 1, at the moment working on updating to Kirby 2. There are many invisible pages behind which are just displayed as data (at the moment ~300 pages in total).
The product folder alone holds all ~250 products. Only page loading issue comes by design (at the product line, where all products of one line are displayed on the same page without pagination…). Also doing many connections in between pages with lots of searching and filtering through products.
Custom e-commerce solution written completely in Kirby. Not 30 product pages by now, but that wouldn’t be a problem at all here.

Hope I could help you with this!

In short I think it comes down to two things:

  1. Many pages in the same folder. This was also what Bastian sad.
  2. Many pages in different folders, but where you need relationships between all of them. For example a blog with year archives, but where you list all blog posts in every year filtered by category, for example. Then it needs to search every year folder.
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