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Hi have basically 2 folders in root of content:

Posts / All posts of the site e.g.
( posts/nalle-puh, posts/big-bad-wolf, might be from 10 - (500-1000) subpages );

Pages / All pages of the site e.g.
( pages/projects, pages/projects/commercial, pages/projects/editorial, pages/contact, pages/about );

Then i assign each page in posts to a page in pages(category) e.g. (pages/projects/commercial), and do some fancy routing to get it to work.

So my question is how many subpages can you have in a page before it starts to slow down in load time, is there any smart way to “archive”, perhaps you can do some sort of “auto archive” in a hook, like posts/month-year/nalle-puh ?

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See the following discussions:

Conclusion: It depends on your site. What I recommend is to create as many pages as you expect using a script and check if the site is slower afterwards. Nothing better than a realistic benchmark of your own site. :wink:

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I there a reason why you don’t want to put the posts into there different categories in the first place?

yes, more freedom, pages is for the site structure and posts to fill the site with content, faster publishing, more control(oversight) and more flexible.