Opinion regarding performance

Hello. I have a project where I’m listing files on a single page. I original thought the client would only need say 50 files tops. It turns out there may be hundreds over the years. I had a card layout setup, but I’ll change that to a table layout. They also want to organize by category. I was just going to setup a files section and provide a couple additional file fields - a text field for the title and a tags field for categories. Now the client will dump upwards of 200-300 files onto this page. Looks like each files about 100kb. So we’re talking upwards of 50MB or so, not terrible, but.

I’m just asking the community’s opinion about this. How would you efficiently set this up. Maybe a new page for each category (assuming each file only belongs to one category).

Thanks for your insight.

Wondering if a possible performance problem is the main issue here (with lazy loading and caching that’s maybe not such a big deal). I mean, who wants to scroll through hundreds of images (unless the site is intended to be the next Unsplash)?

I would definatly consider some form of lazy loading or pagination on the front end.

Lozad is pretty good Lozad.js | lozad.js

Thanks for the input. The files will be pdfs. That changes things if you were assuming images.

I will use pagination.

I’m wondering about performance on the backend rather than the frontend. Say there are 200 pdf files dumped onto one page. Does that effect performance when loading that page in the panel, with a files field? Are hundreds of files just not practical or is it within reason considering the file section will be paginated too.

I think if two many files should start to slow down the Panel, you can always move them into subfolders.

Or maybe you can just test this with some hundred dummy files?