Panel redirects to /install on server even though it's already installed and works locally

I’ve been working locally on a site for a client, and I’ve had no troubles whatsoever. The site works just fine on the server, as well. All of the content is there and there aren’t any errors.

However, when I go the admin panel on the client’s server the site automatically redirects to /install and tries to get me to go through the installation process. This doesn’t happen locally and it doesn’t happen when I upload the site to my personal server.

I have no idea where to look or how to debug this problem. I know everything is there, but some flag is getting tripped that is telling kirby that it needs to go through the installation process. Any and all help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Does the folder site/accounts exist on the server? Does any account file exists inside the folder?

My goodness. No, it doesn’t. I have no idea how or why that folder didn’t get transferred since I had copied the whole site multiple times, but that was not there. And re-uploading the folder fixed it!

Thank you so much for such a quick and correct response! You made my day!

Are you deploying via git by any chance? The site/accounts folder is be default ignored in the .gitignore file

Unfortunately missing accounts on the production server are really dangerous, because the first person visiting /panel is able to create the admin account (by design) … luckily you checked it :wink:

@flokosiol: Since Kirby 2.3, creating the first account on a remote server has been disabled, though, as a security measure. So you can only install the panel on a remote server, if you enable that in your config.php

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Ah… That’s VERY good to know about .gitignore skipping the accounts folder. I’ll make sure to look for that next time. Thank you all!

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