Panel login error - session file does not exist

dear kirby-community,

since yesterday i cannot login to panel anymore … this error message appears:
“Session file “1694502803.d583bce86cf49024aa7d” does not exist”

if i delete the session-files in site/sessions/ i am able to login again …
but on logout this error appears:
“Session file “1694503130.454e2ba0cc89b2bb8aa1” does not exist”

as far as i know nothing has been changed on the server …

kirby version 3.9.6
php 8.1.23
apache server (IONOS)

hopefully someone could give me a hint …


well … it seems it has been a disk space problem (maximum count of files reached) … deleting some old files brought the solution! i guess this was the problem :wink: