Panel is slow or can't connect to API

Hey everybody,

my problem is that the panel is sometimes very slow. The login screen is sometimes not even displayed. Or the panel shows the error that it does not get a connection to the API.
I really have no idea what that could be. Maybe you can help me. :slight_smile:


Is there any more information in the browser console?

Is that a custom project of yours or just the Starterkit?

That happens on our website. So not just the starter kit. It worked there.
The console edition shows this here:

I pastet a fresh screenshot while refreshing the backend. It takes sometimes only a few milliseconds, but sometime minutes and in the worst case an iterruption in the connection between backend and server.

Hm, hard to tell. Could be anything. Can you provide more information regarding the site? Like plugins used or custom code? Size of site? Server type and PHP versions?

Hey there, we use custom code and dedicated server - PHP version is 7.3
Our project ist fairly big and we use some standard plugins and some custom plugins.

To get a clearer picture: Does this only happen when trying to log in the the Panel? Or also when doing stuff in the Panel.

If the login screen is already slow, then I would assume that this has nothing to do with the size of the site because I don’t think it loads anything at that time.

However, your network tab shows something that happens after login, but then again, this view doesn’t even load any images that could potentially slow things down.

To me that sounds like a problem with the server rather than something Kirby related, but I think that’s probably something we would have to look into more closely. Feel free to get in contact with

Hey Texnixe,

we have already contacted support a few days ago - no reaction.

Sorry @Ben77! I’m currently replying to your last email. Let’s this discuss this further and see what we can test in addition.

Hey Bastian,

you mean discuss this further here or via mail? If we discussed it here there is a chance that this might help others in the future.

I think it’s time to have a closer look at the server. If there are results that are useful for everyone we should post them here afterwards.