Panel files icon

I looked for a thumbnail gallery view of the files but could not find it. When I deleted an image I came to… a thumbnail gallery view. I wondered how I would get there without deleting an image. After a while I found out that the “Files” in the sidebar is actually clickable. It’s not link-blue and has no hover-effect to show it is clickable. It does not show what happens when you click it.

Add an icon to it?

To not mess with the design my suggestion is to add a gallery icon to it. It would be like edit or add.

  • It would show for new users that “Files” are clickable.
  • It would indicate what a click would do.

Icon to pages

The same thing with pages. It is also clickable but I did not know. Might have an icon as well.

Sorry for the swedish translation on the image, but I hope you still can understand it.

The title and the “Edit” link do the exact same thing. Initially there was no “Edit” link, and it was truly easy to miss the files and pages screens. Now that we have the Edit link, I wonder if the link on the title is necessary, it’s barely visible (black underline instead of grey).

I just noticed that I’ve never clicked on the edit button, because I didn’t expect it to be a thumbnail view of the images. For editing I just clicked the images in the list.

I agree that it’s not good to duplicate things too much, and not too much bloat.

Now when I know the idea, I think that the files icon should replace the pen icon. That way it shows that it’s not only an edit button but also a button to show the images as thumbnails.

Yes, but in the thumbnails screen we can edit the list itself, by re-ordering it, and by adding and deleting images.
This function has a dedicated translation string, so it can be changed if we find a better wording.