Filelist thumbnails / Alternative view

I’m building a blueprint to list a few documents.

title: News

pages: false

icon : newspaper-o

  delete: false

      label: Short info
      type: text
  sortable: true
  type: pdf

    label: Title
    type: title

    label: Info
    type: info
    text: >
      Some text to
      give the user a guide

Works fine, but when I open the file list in the panel, I get the same layout as I would be viewing .JPG files, but without the thumbnails (they show up as missing images.


Is there a way to fix this? I just want a list of (PDF) files without thumbnails or image editing stuff, that can be sorted manualy or by date.

What you see probably depends on how your browser handles PDF, but I don’t know of any way to change the view apart from modifying the source code.

You could try to hide the images via CSS, but then that would probably apply to all files.

So if I upload files in the panel, other than images (.JPG .PNG …) I’ll get errors when viewing the filelist in the panel? Seems weird, no?

I don’t know any browser that shows me a PDF or DOCX thumbnail. The right way should be that Kirby shows me a document icon, or no preview at all, just the filename with an image placeholder.

I have created an issue on GitHub.

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Seems like a change is needed in


Or some extra lines in the stylesheet, because the info in already availble

line 34 : file-preview-is-<?php __($file->type()) ?>

Also… it’s already implemented in the file list :slight_smile: