Additional list view for files

Hey guys,

when handling with a lot of files on one single page, I think it might be good to have the possibility for an additional list view for the files. Maybe with a smaller preview and something like the preview-on-hover suggestion here: Panel image preview. I thought about two buttons in the panel to have an easy switch, as well as maybe an option for the blueprints for the default view?

What do you think about that?


May I ask how it is different from the “files page”? Do you mean another way to list files while we edit pages?

Well, I’d compare it to the Mac’s Finder views: currently there is only the symbol view, but I’d like to have the list view. So something more compact, where you can see more files at once. I think when you have more files (especially different types of files) it get’s quite confusing, so another type of view might be a quite nice addition :wink:

Oh yes, this. Sorting files by type would be great, also in the sidebar.
Perhaps putting them in different “buckets”, or categories. So we could organize them a little bit more: images for a main slider with big visuals, other images, downloadable PDFs…

It work well as it is and is very simple, but we can add optional ways to organize files. I have lots of ideas, I’ll expand if there’s interest for this topic.

That would be even more awesome!

Right, I think the way it is is quite good and works, but could be (optional) optimized. Yeah, I’d like to hear some of your ideas!