Panel - thumbnail image for a project doesn't update

Hello everyone,
I would want that the image in the thumbnail of a page in the panel will update according to the images inside the page.

For example, I created a new page and uploaded some images. the thumbnail of the page in the panel shows the first image that I uploaded, that’s good. the problem is that I removed this first image and replaced it with different one, but the thumbnail didn’t change accordingly. Therefore the thumbnail isn’t indicative to what’s in the page.

I can’t even change the thumbnail image manually,
any idea of what I can do to change this?


Have you cleared the browser cache?

I did cleared cache. It’s not updating for some reason

I assume you are referring to the thumbnail that is shown in a pages sections, right?

Could you post the blueprint part for this pages section, please?


Title: Home

    template: exhibition
    type: pages
    layout: cards
      cover: true

Are you sure you really deleted the first image from the folder? Or maybe your page is using a files field and not a files section, where you removed the file as selected, but it actually still exists in the folder.

You were right - I didn’t delete the old image from the folder, now it works.
The problem is that I would want the thumbnail to be updated according to the images the client uploads, he’s not going to delete images from the folder :no_mouth:


I think you could do one of two thinks:

  • Use a files field to select a preview image manually
  • Use a file.update:after hook to store an upload timestamp in the file meta data, then sort files descending by this timestamp and get the first