Panel extention boiler plate

I made a panel extension boiler plate for y’all

Panel Extension Boiler Plate

I don’t think I’m gonna write much more documentation. This probably needs a guide written - and if anyone who is toying around with this feels like helping to write a guide then I’d love to do it together. But I’m not gonna write a guide all by myself…

I will keep updating the boiler plate as I discover more things. I would love to hear what y’all discover to add to it as well.

Also any discussion and questions are welcome. And remember, worst case, you can always look at the kirby and panel source to figure things out (it’s what I do).

Now go make yourself something pretty! and make it available on github so we can all enjoy it :wink:




Dude, you are amazing. This was really fast!!!

Can you PM me your Paypal E-Mail? Would like to send you some bugs for your work, you deserve some beer to drink! :wink:

Thank you so much for this work!

Haha. Nah man, I did this for the community! (also, this is how I waste my time at work :slight_smile: )

but if you ever a need a server-side programmer who can do a bit of everything else as well… then talk to me :stuck_out_tongue:

As for beer, show up in buenos aires and we can get a round :slight_smile:

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Good guy! :+1:

We’ll keep in touch!