Panel error, files stripped blank


I have a problem with a website I made for a client a month ago ; as soon as they want to save some edits on the panel, they get an error, their edits are dismissed, and they can’t log back in afterward.

I looked up the user files on the FTP (site>users) and they were stripped blank, like the file “admin.php” was there but no username nor hash, just nothing. And this thing seemed to spread as “config.php” and other files got stripped blank as well.

I think it’s a problem with the server as i shipped many Kirby websites and it’s the first time I ever encountered this kind of problem. But i couldn’t rule out a bug with Kirby, so I wanted to know if there are reports of similar problems as i cound’t find any in the forums.

Did it work in the beginning? Have any changes been made in the meantime?

If things cannot be changed, I usually would expect a permissions problem, but this here sounds weird. If it worked before and stopped working now without any changes in between, maybe the server got corrupted.

To my knowledge nothing has been changed.
I don’t know if and how many time my client logged to the panel before witnessing the problem.

The first time they witnessed it, I had no time to work it out, and my solution was to backup the content folder on my drive, and replace the actual site with the files from the staging server (my server) by taking the time to change every user passwords in case it was some kind of intrusion.

But the problem just got witnessed again today.

I’ll do my best to get from my clients infos on whether they managed to log and edit succesfully since the migration to the host. If every try resulted in this bug, it is strong evidence it’s a permission problem…

A permission problem wouldn’t explain the contentless user and configuration files, though.

User files are modified to indicate last edit aren’t they ?
Maybe the server just respond awkwarldy to any edit request… By deleting the file content ?!

I’ll investigate further and let you know if I find anything interesting.

Yes, user files must be writable, they store last edits or password changes etc., that’s right. But not the config.php file.

Perhaps theres some kind of external process messing with the files, like automated backups or something, and it went wrong. Check the modified date on the effected files and talk to you host - maybe they know of something that might have caused it at that time. Is it shared hosting? it might even be something malicious if you have a “bad neighbour” on the server.