Panel customisation


is there a way to customise the panel main layout? I am curious if it’s possible to basically create custom application, using Kirby as a Framework to create admin views with custom DB datastore.

Thank you


The new panel can be made completely your own with many custom sections and tabbed interfaces

You can also create custom Panel pages and integrate data from other sources than the content folder.

Yes, but that’s the “inside” — page tree, editor, etc. I’d like to change the “outside” — main navigation, design, etc.

Also, thank you :slight_smile:

You can change the design, but not the “outside”, i.e. navigation and stuff.

Ah right. So that’s a no go for now :frowning:. Thank you.

You could in theory also replace most of these components with your own one. But that’s not trivial. And then I start wondering if you aren’t closer to building your own one than using Kirby’s Panel.

I actually like most of Kirby Panel components, and I’d prefer not to create others just like them.

Eh, seems like I’ll have to.