Is the panel theme-able?

is it possible to ‘theme’ the kirby panel? would the following link be a good starting point or should it be solved otherwise?

You can control the CSS like the link says. Javascript is not possible by security reasons.

it would be Really Cool to Edit The Panel Login :smiley: :smiley:

As already said, you can do everything that is doable via CSS.

you mean i can Control all about the Panel whit CSS ?

Colors, fonts, margins etc. Not html or functions. Just the surface.

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has anyone does this on a large scale? it would be easier if panel used less or sass with variables for colors fonts etc.

However you can’t use the Panel SCSS variables in your custom CSS code as that won’t get compiled into the main Panel CSS but embedded separately.

It generally makes sense to use the Panel design and layout as a starting point and to only override the styles you need in your custom CSS.

Unless the op uses Gulp or some other preprocessor. For an advanced quality panel theme I think it could be beneficial to have the scss file as starting point. It however require the user to have such knowledge. Else it would just be a huge overhead.

Even then the custom Panel CSS won’t be compiled into the main CSS file. So you would need to require the variables file into your custom CSS which makes it all more complicated.

That’s why I prefer the simple approach using normal CSS. :slight_smile:

oh boy. i did not see the scss folder. :blush: thx.

Take a look at this site (I made several months ago).

It contains screenshots, so you can see how you can customize the panel - by pure CSS.