Custom panel CSS

Since I had “a bit” of spare time and you can’t do anything social at the moment :confused: , I decided to CSS style the panel a bit.

I really like the look of Kirby’s native panel design however I felt it was a bit too dark from my point of view, so I tried to make it a bit “frendlier” by by using a lighter colour scheme, rounded border edges, light focus-outlines, mini-animations etc.

Feel free to use it if you want!

I think all of the fields are styled and also some plugins (mainly sylvainjule’s), however of course, since there are a lot of native elements, I could have missed something.

You can find it here GitHub - TobeyEh/kirby3csstheme: A CSS theme for Kirby 3

Also if you want, suggestions for improvement or changes are gladly welcomed – have only tested it in the most recent browsers. (If anyone wants to use it, also suggestions for other plugins to restyle are welcomed)



Thanks a lot for your great looking contribution!
I really like it except for the used opacity on headings such as

.k-field-label, .k-section-header .k-headline