Creating custom page in main menu of panel

Hi to all, I’m wondering if there any easy way to create a custom page in the main admin menu to be able to save site settings to such pages

The idea is create module based site that will have additional content types that customers can add or not

For example, many themes on Kirby sells with some functionality that may be not needed to clients
portfolio, news, or any other custom types

And I’m looking the way to have some Core module that will have basic functionality for creating pages and subpages

and for example module news installing as plugin and have own settings page own blocks own snippets and own templates and when you copy this plugin to theme page core theme starts work with this plugin in layout editor you will see new blocks and in menu you can create pages with new templates and the way I’m looking for creating such pages is that if to do it with default site.yml you will see errors until all plugins will be installed

What you can add to that menu is custom Panel areas. But these custom Panel areas cannot be set up via blueprints, so doesn’t really make sense for your use case.