Panel area with just fields

Hi there,

I’m struggling with defining a panel area just for some simple fields.
The Goal ist to have like a “Settings” Page in the Panel Menu where i have simple text fields for example to put global information stuff in there…

I read all this documentation parts:

and also the advanced cookbook receipt…

…but I don’t understand what to do. :(((
I understand that I have to write a plugin for this, and I wrote the index.php and defined the area successfully, but I don’t understand what a “view” is, what to write in Vue, where to define the blueprint for the fields I need…
I REALLY love Kirby but this is to much for me…

Is there anybody how can help me? Is there a hidden cookbook receipt for having an additional area with just fields? Is there perhaps anybody who did this successfully an would share the code?

Please! help me… :confused:

thanks a lot,

Wouldn’t the panel dashboard/home page (site.yml) the right place for global stuff? You can create a tab for the fields so that you can keep your UI tidy and hide the global settings on first load.

Of course this is a possible way, and that’s the way I did it in my last projects.

But extending the panel menu with e.g. a settings-page or perhaps an entry where to configure the navigation of the homepage ist something I really like to know who to do it, because in my opinion it looks a little bit more professional to have it as menu-entry and not as tab.

Is there anybody who did this and could help me?
thank a lot,

I don’t think this is easily possible. You would have to create a separate model class that based on the Site class. You would need to decide where to to store the data from this view and implement the API routes to do so. No idea if anybody has already done this, some other people have asked the same.

E.g. this feature request on Nolt: