Panel area and blueprint only


Reading through the documentation and can not figure out how to create simple panel area which would just display some site settings fields. i.e. blueprint only without touching the vue components

Another reason for his is that we would like to move matomo-plugin stats to a dedicated area.

Found this two topics in forum:

…but unfortunately no guidance there too :frowning: The answer there is too ambiguous and too general for me :confused:

Could I get some hints on how to achieve that please?

Thank you in advance

Hm, I wonder how you want to do this without creating a custom Vue component? None of the existing views is made to display stats.

You mean, copy the site view and just use the matomo section there?

Dear Sonja,

if the task seam so simple, would you be so kind and provide some practical tips, or maybe code samples, on how this can be done please.

In all the posts, you refer to, you are saying “copy site view”. To be honest, I have no idea what do you mean by “site view” and where to copy it from and where to paste it to :confused:
I am completely lost here :frowning:

Thank you

Sorry, that is a misunderstanding, I never said it was easy. I said there is no way to achieve this with just a blueprint, you would have to create a custom Panel area.


Went through all the documentation before, but it still don’t see what site view to copy and where, and how to use the matomo section in there. :confused:

Your tip:

I think I would try to sort of duplicated the site view and pass a different blueprint

gave me the impression that it could be done easily :flushed:

Digging deeper and hopefully will get some sort of result :slight_smile:

Thank you

This was just an idea, the sentence ended in “for testing if that works”, because I haven’t tried that yet.

For the code of the default site view, you would have to check out the source code…