Customize the Panel

I want to customize the Panel. Particularly the “top bar” (where the navigation and breadcrumbs is). How do I do it?

Some things I’m after:

  • Remove / change the navigation
  • Add some links/icons next to the the search-button/icon
  • Make the top bar white instead of black
  • Add a navbar to left (stretching from top to bottom of the page, like a sidebar on every page)


Everything that is styles related, can be changed with a custom Panel stylesheet.

You can also use custom panel scripts.

You can also create complete custom views:

Ah, brilliant. I haven’t seen the panel view thing before. Thats great. Thanks.

If I want to build my own navigation for different pages, how can that be done? In other words, how do I load a page in the same way that the “native” Panel links does?

Anyone who knows how to hook on to the Panel navigation as above?