Custom panel, icon and login page


For my first project with Kirby, I create a website for one friend. Subsequently, I will make him a second

Question #1 : In my home panel, I would like what a thumb is personal icon or image. How should I do it ? Where place my files?

Question #2 : It’s possible to change a background ou insert a personal image background in login page?

Q2: Yes, via a custom Panel stylesheet.

Q1: I don’t really understand your question, what do you mean with “home panel”, where exactly?

The first page as site.yml.

Ok, thanks. So in the Starterkit, you would like to show icons instead of image thumbs for the albums?

Q1: I would show my own icon or image (no image thumbs from posts)

Q2: What css’s selector you can use to difference pages /login and /panel/site ?

I just came around the Q2 problem :
I also want to set a fullscreen background image for the login page. But just the login page.
Right now I can’t find a way to do that without using javascript. If I remember correctly Kirby2 had a ‘login’ class somewhere near the DOM root on the login page. Any idea how to tackle that in Kirby3?

Found a dirty fix to identify the login page via css selector: .k-panel:not([data-topbar="true"])
But I wonder if that will really work on all occasions. Is the topbar always shown in the panel?

Yes, I don’t know of a view without a top-bar.

It would be better if we had more classes to identify individual elements.