Panel: creating a free composition of elements in a page

Hello everyone!
I need to build a website that has a page with images and each image is located in a different absolute position. Like this:

I wonder what is the ideal way, i(f there is a way), to give the client the option to position the items, rotate and resize them via the kirby panel?

Ideally, I will give the client the option to drag, resize and rotate the items in the page itself. This I can achieve with css, but the problem will be that all the visitors will be able to drag and resize the items. and the second problem of course is that it will only affect the items in one visitor’s session.

Is there a way to create this page, that it will be available only to the admins and that it will affect the items composition for everyone?

I need to know if such thing is possible in any way before I commit to this project. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: