Modifying Panel Project Page to be Dynamic, is this possible?

I’m setting up the projects section of my site and I would like to know if this is doable with Kirby.

Here is a comp showing off the functionality I’m trying to build. I’ve added modules to the left side of the panel. So when you click ‘+ Add’ it will add whatever module you clicked to the bottom of the content already on that page and allow you to specify images, etc.

The modules would then pickup the backend data and handle layout and the build of them.

Thanks for any insight or a straight up ‘No.’ :slight_smile:

I had more comps in this post, but since I’m a new user it wouldn’t let me post them, so you only got one. :slight_smile:

// Josh

Are you aware of the modules plugin in conjunction with the Kirby Sortable plugin?

I would really like to have a look at the other images and ideas you have but couldn’t post. Maybe in a follow-up post?

The sidebar is relatively static unfortunately. Plugins can only change something with hacky Javascript duplicates. Also, the blueprint fields are static too. At least I haven’t seen any plugin adding fields on the fly.

I’m not sure why you would want to have the modules in the sidebar and the module entries indistinguishable under the normal fields. As @texnixe already mentioned you could have a look at the Sortable Field. It works great and it’s very intuitive to add and sort modules.

I just updated your user level, please check if you can post more now.

Wow, quick replies - awesome. Here’s the comp showing how a project page would look with all modules enabled on it. Which may not ever happen but def needs to able to do it.

@texnixe I was not aware of this, I will be looking into it - thank you.

@thguenther The reason I was thinking dynamic, is because not every project page will not need all the modules so I’d just like to assign what they need at the time and expand them at later times if I want to add more images, text, etc.

Page comp:

Thank you again // Josh

What you are trying to do can be achieved easily with the Modules plugin I mentioned above. I think this is a far more robust solution then trying to add fields dynamically (if that is possible at all). Another option (but less flexible) would be the page builder field, which is an extended structure field which allows you to use different fields per structure item (instead of always the same as in the structure field).

@texnixe Awesome, thank you - will be doing some indepth reading about this later today and get a handle on it.