The modules field is missing

The modules field is missing. Please add it to your installed fields or remove it from your blueprint

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Not sure what’s happen?

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Modules is not a field, this cannot work. Modules are basically subpages of a page, but with their own method for displaying them. Please check the documentation of the modules plugin to see how it works.

Ok. I setup a new environment from scratch. Here’s what I did, still can’t get this to work based on the documentation. What am I missing. I’ve tried almost everything that I could think of based on the documentation, I’ve read through it several times, with no luck.

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What is it that does not work as expected? Can’t you create the modules? Can’t you output the modules?

BTW: You Blog blueprint does not look right:

    - article
    - module.text

But if you want to use modules in your articles, it would make more sense to have the modules as subpages of the article pages, not the blog parent.

So that you would have:

# blog.yml
  template: article
# article.yml
    - module.text

You could also create all modules in a modules subfolder to each article. Then you would need an additional blueprint.

Even if I create another yaml file. This is happening in the hte backend. In my original and the new installation I put together to split test the issue. It will show no fields. Or if there are fields the module field just won’t show at all.

Can you send me a basic installation with modules working so I can disect it. That would be so wonderful. :slight_smile: I’ve tried almost everything. I don’t consider myself to be a total newby with Kirby. Just struggling with this one.

So I downloaded that version you made. What am I missing here with Modules? I’m not seeing them in that test copy.

Assuming the page in your screen shot has modules set as templates in it’s blueprint, you need to make subpages, since these are your modules.

I think I was under another assumption for modules that why I was looking for something the whole time. This is what i was looking for.

That is another plugin by @lukaskleinschmidt;

It integrates with modules though right?

Thats odd, i just posted and it disappeared and got replaced with @texnixe post. Weird.

Yeah, it’s not just structured data though, it’s that other plugin.

@jimbobrjames I deleted your post, because it’s not a structure field.

@bbarclay yes, exactly.

See, when I was searching for bugs etc. I would come across forum posts with that image and it sent me on a loop. I will add that plugin to see if I can get that format working. Thanks for all your help.

Plus I think the modules documentation is difficult to understand that you add the modules under the pages section. I can see that now, but for future reference, I think they should link the modules page to the sortable section. this seems to make more sense to me to have them sortable like this instead of having them in pages. I can understand pages too. but when you browse the forums for posts about modules. A lot of them seem to be based on sortable. So this I hope this post helps someone else that is having issues with modules. Just be sure you add your modules in the pages section.

yes, @lukaskleinschmidt plugin is a great extension of the modules plugin. However, it is completely independent. I usually mention them together (sorry I didn’t in the other post, but it was not quite clear to me what you wanted to achieve)

My bad, didn’t look closely enough, the point was it’s not part of the modules plugin.

It could be clearer, I set up myself yesterday on a site, and it took a few goes to understand the docs. Remember a lot of the plugin devlopers are not native english speakers, so sometimes you just need a little patience and read carefully. :slight_smile:

But anyway, the modules works perfectly fine without the sortable plugin. And as subpages, you can also sort them. If you need two plugins to achieve one task, there’s even more of a risk that the whole thing will not work anymore after an upgrade (or that one is updated earlier than the other), so it would actually be ideal if the two plugins could be integrated, because they work so great together.