Panel creates ugly file names

I’ve created some folders (pages) without a txt file in. When I use the backend to create content for those pages, the sort number is used as prefix, like 2-blog.txt. Why? :crying_cat_face:


Why can’t kirby panel follow its own convention?

That’s a good question, but on the other hand it does not really make sense to create folders without files in it.

When you create a page via the panel, you can choose the template you want to use and the text file is named accordingly.

If you create an empty folder, how would the panel know what template to use and what to call the file. No matter if the txt file has the number in front or not, you will probably not get the right file name. Although maybe there should be a default setting that just calls the file default.txt.

The panel knows the name from the folder, I see no problem there just get rid of the number. I understand the issue with the template, but I would prefer to call the file like the page created and not default.txt. If there is no such template, kirby would anyway choose the default template.

I suggest you create an issue on GitHub.

Nooooooooo, people already complain about me there. :dizzy_face: