Panel 500 when large files uploaded

My client mistakenly uploaded a bunch of ~2MB images to a project page instead of first resizing them into a more manageable size before uploading. This resulted in the page in question report an 500 error if they tried to edit it.

With Kirby’s debug turned off it would show Chrome’s built in 500 error page.
With Kirby’s debug turned on it would just show a white page.

Is there anyway of having a more graceful error or prevent kirby from loading all of a page’s files into memory (I am guessing that was the cause of the problem).

My files have content fields and a custom sort order, and my site is multi-lingual - if that helps you to debug the issue.

Toolkit version: 2.2.3
Kirby version: 2.2.3
Panel version: 2.2.3

Does it also happen with Kirby 2.3.2?