Allowed memory size of images exhausted?


I am working on a website with Kirby. (

Until now I haven’t had any problems, but since I wanted to upload several images (which I resized for Web) on a page, lately one of the pages is not showing up any more.

I got an error message saying: „Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8912 bytes“). There are 17 images I want to upload on the page and if I delete about 10 of them, all of the sudden the page works fine and all of the images show up correctly after saving. I am using the PANEL to upload the images due to the fact that I am not used to programming too much.

My question is: Is this an error because I am using the trial version of Kirby? An if this is the reason for the exhausted memory space: can I fix this when updating to normal Kirby Version? I have a license for it!

Yesterday I’ve tried to put it into the config.php, and saved it in Dreamweaver but as this didn’t change anything I wanted to ask if there is another way to directly put in the license key into KIRBY without any programming knowledge.

You would be of very much help if you could answer my questions.

Thank you!

Definitely not.

As regards the error message, check your php.ini settings regarding the memory_limit and increase if necessary.

Ok, thank you so much for your quick answer. All of the sudden now everything works fine.

Still, I would be curious how to increase memory limit for the future and will have a look on it.
Thank you

If you need more information, you might want to check out this link:, for example.

Again, I made some changes and the site got blank.

With the same error message? Where did you make changes, what changes?

I renamed the images, which are on one page of the website. In the panel everything seems to be ok. The changes are saved and look good. But when I want to see the website (open website) the page is blank. No error message.

This happened yesterday aswell, that’s why I thought it might be a problem with the memory size too. But 2 hours ago, I could see the website working fine. (before I had to rename some images).

Question: Does it take some time until the changes are visible?

Please enable debug to see your errors. If you rename images and are calling them by reference in your templates, you might indeed get errors, but without seeing your code and the error message, I can’t tell you what is happening.

Also, the browser caches images, to see your changes you usually have to clear the browser cache (but that would never result in a white page, but with the page still showing the old images).

Also, if caching is enabled in your config, you will continue to see the old stage of the site unless you remove the cached files, again, this doesn’t result in a blank page which is likely a PHP error.

So, please post your template code.

c::set(‘license’, ‘K2-PERSONAL-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’);

sorry my programming skills are too bad. I only now how to use the inspector but this is also a problem because I don’t see anything when I use the inspector on the page which is blank.

Now it’s a white screen of death.

Ok, first of all, enable debug in your site/config/config.php

c::set('debug', true);

Ok, are you just editing that site via the Panel or are you developing that site??

I am editing the Panel, developing is not what I do at the moment.

Could you edit the config.php and add the config setting above, please?

But if you only edit content in the Panel and have nothing to do with the development of the site, I think you should contact the developer of the site, because there seems to be something wrong in the code.

@texnixe: Thank u for your help. I found a temporary solution.