Page status not showing correctly

The page is showing a red ring, when clicking on it it is public or green.

Any idea? Thanks!

Which Kirby version?

Unless that is some other weirdness, maybe a caching issue of some sort.


Does this happen with all your drafts or only this particular one? I can’t reproduce the issue with a 3.6 Starterkit :thinking:

Only with this one. Its working as expected in the site overview and on a blog section that is also taking the subpages as blogposts. So two working perfectly and just one not.

I have a pretty serious problem: My Kirby project is hosted on Strato and currently being filled with content. I entered all the Alt texts for pictures and filled in the SEO information. And today, it was all gone. I checked if the additional picture.filetype.language.txt got created… nothing. The SEO wasn’t stored in the page.language.txt either.

The page name and URL has been changed through the panel. The folder in the file system, the templates and blueprints are still with the old name. I just tried and renamed the Content/pagefolder to the new name and saved the alt in the panel again. Now the Content/renamed_pagefolder/picture.filetype.language.txt got created.

Any idea?

I think something is broken. I will take a fresh instance of Kirby add the content etc. Maybe the problem that let me start this thread is then solved as well.

Sounds like file permission issues? But then it should give you warnings in the admin interface. Hmm… :thinking:

Since this doesn’t affect all pages, check if you can find any incosistencies, file names, issues in the content itself etc.

I somehow had duplicates of the strange behaving folders in _draft. Deleting the drafts cleared the problem.

99,99 % a user error and not a bug.